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Providing Free Legal Aid

We have been offering free legal aid and representation to refugee and asylum seekers on the island of Chios since 2016 and in Athens since 2019. In 2021, we extended our services to the island of Kos.

We offer our legal services free of charge. We cover court fees and costs related to legal representation.

Our legal assistance includes preparation for the asylum interview, accompaniment to the asylum interviews and submission of supportive memo, as well as Dublin family reunification  and administrative detention case assistance.

We undertake appeals against rejections of asylum applications, and proceed with legal remedies before Greek Courts.

In cases involving human rights violations, we apply for interim measures and lodge complaints before the European Court of Human Rights. When required, we also turn to the European Court of Justice, for instance, via preliminary proceedings.

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About this project

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Ad406631 9056 462d A1a3 Bc0974983875. Our Visual Policy.

The Greek asylum administration is marked by systemic deficiencies which frequently result in the violation of individual rights of asylum seekers and refugees. We address these administrative malpractices in procedures before Greek appeal bodies, Greek courts and European courts.

Selfmade Tents in The Camp Vial Iskandar Nicola 2019
Selfmade Tents in The Camp Vial Iskandar Nicola 2019. Our Visual Policy

Focus: Free legal assistance for minors and youths at risk

In Greece, it is a sad daily routine that children live on the streets or are even detained by authorities, supposedly for their own protection. The European Court of Human Rights has made it clear countless times that this is illegal. With partner organizations, we ensure humane and child-friendly housing and sue Greece before the European Court of Human Rights.

Focus: Freedom for NGOs in Greece

As the situation of asylum seekers continues to deteriorate, those who advocate for their rights have also come under increasing pressure.

Greece’s action to restrict and hinder the work of NGOs is clearly illegal under international law, European law and Greek constitutional law. Three UN Special Rapporteurs have already expressed their concern and reminded Greece of its obligations under international law to respect the freedom of NGOs.

Together with our partner HIAS, we have filed a complaint against the relevant Greek ministerial decisions restricting the freedoms of NGOs. We are currently awaiting the hearing before the Greek Council of State, the highest Greek court. 

Clara and Robert Giving A Presentation in Athens Joern Neumann 2020
Clara and Robert Giving A Presentation in Athens Joern Neumann 2020. Our Visual Policy
Containers in The Camp Moria Joern Neumann 2020
Containers in The Camp Moria Joern Neumann 2020. Our Visual Policy

In 2021, we offered free legal aid to more than 450 asylum seekers and refugees. In the majority of these cases, our work was successful: Most of our clients were eventually released from detention, granted asylum or another form of protection in Greece, or reunited with their families in other EU countries.

We are determined to continue our work and dedicate our legal expertise to support each individual person in need.

If you do not tolerate the injustice that asylum seekers and refugees face at European borders, donate to our individual legal aid projects.

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