In Athens, we offer legal aid with regards to asylum procedures, living conditions and illegal detention in Greece and family reunification to other EU Member States.

More concretely, we provide interview preparation and legal assistance in the first instance in front of the Asylum Service as well as legal representation in the second instance in front of the Appeals Committees. We further represent cases in front of the Greek Administrative Court. We represent our clients against unlawful detention, revocation of refugee status and deportations. Finally, we represent cases in front of national bodies, like the Greek Ombudsman and in front of the European Court of Human Rights and we follow up the compliance of the Administration afterwards.

Regarding cases of family reunion under the Dublin III Regulation, transnational illegal administrative agreements and practices often restrict people’s rights to reunite with their families. Transnational administrative agreements are concluded between Greece and Germany in a so-called informal manner so as to avoid any legal review of the legality of these agreements. However, the Dublin III Regulation grants subjective rights to asylum seekers, as has been decided by the European Court of Justice. These rights, in particular the right to family life, must be enforced.

In order to enforce the right to family life as granted under EU legislation, we provide legal assistance and support throughout the entire procedure of family reunion, identifying potential family reunion cases in Greece (islands and mainland), preparing the file, monitoring the outcome, litigating if needed and following up the case until the actual transfer to the responsible member state.

​Additionally, we are in the position to receive referrals from cooperating actors in Greece or in Germany for cases of family reunification under the Dublin III Regulation. After an assessment of the case, we file interim measures to German administrative courts in certain cases. This strategic litigation in Germany is part of our work to enforce the rights of asylum seekers arriving at the EU external border.

Equal Rights Beyond Borders Athens Office
Emmanouil Mpenaki 69A
106 81 Athens
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Equal Rights Beyond Borders consists of two seperately registered entities in Greece and Germany.

Αστική Μη Κερδοσκοπική Εταιρεία
ΑΦΜ: 996887928, ΔΟΥ: Δ’ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ
AΡ. ΓΕΜΗ: 151850501000

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